Parking Expansion/Marching Fields

  • Scope: Pave existing marching fields at high school campuses to create more student parking

  • Projected Cost: $6 million

  • Areas Addressed: New Construction, Facility Maintenance, Refresh & Renewal

  • Older high schools were originally designed for 1,800 students. When FISD expanded capacity to 2,100 students, parking was not added

  • Paved areas may be used for parking or band practice depending on events and activities

  • Mud, heat and insects can present challenges when maintaining grass areas for marching band practice 

  • Paved areas require less manpower and expense to maintain

Fine Arts Auditorium

  • Scope: Construct a 1,250 seat multi-purpose auditorium for the performing and visual arts, including instructional, training and office space

  • Projected Cost: $43 million

  • Estimated M&O Impact: $200,000*

  • Areas Addressed: Student Opportunity, New Construction, Future-Ready Learning

  • A larger-capacity auditorium would allow for new and collaborative events between multiple campuses and fine arts programs

  • Many performances currently fill up the 500-600 seat capacity of high school auditoriums. A larger venue would allow more family and friends to experience student concerts, plays and art shows

  • A fine arts auditorium and instructional facility would save travel time and costs and limit disruption to students' instructional time

  • The facility would be used by FISD fine arts programs about 150 days per year, with the potential for outside groups and/or partners to utilize the facility as well

*This cost assumes current fine arts staff will manage the building. Any revenue generated from this project is not factored into the M&O impact.

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