Public Information Requests

In accordance with policies GBA and GBAA and the The Public Information Act(TPIA), Chapter 552 of the Texas Government Code, the Frisco Independent School District (FISD) makes all of its public records available to citizens. 

The TPIA does not require governmental bodies to create new information, perform legal research, or to answer questions. The request must ask for records or information already in existence.

Please note, this is not the appropriate process to request transcripts or education records. Education records, as defined by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (“FERPA”) are confidential and are not subject to the Texas Public Information Act. Therefore, in order to receive education records related to a student, a request must be submitted to the Frisco ISD campus the student attends or most recently attended. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Procedures to Obtain Information

As provided by the Texas Public Information Act, all public information requests must be made in writing.   

  • Per Section 552.234 of the Texas Government Code, the District has designated the email below to receive requests for public information by email:

  • Submit requests electronically through the FISD Public Information Act Center
    Submit an Electronic Request

  • Alternatively you may submit by mail or in person to:

    Legal Affairs Department
    Frisco ISD  
    5515 Ohio Dr.
    Frisco, TX  75035 

Important information about Records Requests

Be Specific - We may ask a requestor to clarify a request for information if the request is unclear.  If a large amount of information has been requested, Frisco ISD  may discuss with the requestor how the scope of the request might be narrowed.  Include the following, if applicable: 

  • Date range of the records requested

  • Department or person you believe may possess the records

  • Location involved

In responding to requests, the District is not required to: 

  • Prepare or Create New Information

  • Prepare Answers  to Questions

  • Perform General or Legal Research

Charges and Fees

Beginning August 1, 2021, every requester will receive a cost estimate prior to the production of any public information.

Pursuant to Section 552.275 of the Texas Government Code, please be advised that the District established a reasonable limit, not less than 15 hours for a one month period or 36 hours in a 12 month period, on the amount of time that personnel are required to spend producing public information for inspection or copies to a requester, without recovering the costs attributable to the personnel time related to that requester. A requester that reaches the time limit will be required to compensate the governmental body for the costs incurred in satisfying subsequent requests.

Frisco ISD charges fees authorized by the Texas Public Information Act. If the fees will result in a charge exceeding $40.00, the district will provide the requestor with a written estimate detailing the charges that will be imposed. The following fees apply to Open Records requests:

  • $15.00 per hour labor charge for locating, compiling, reproducing, reviewing and redacting information (>50 pages)

  • $28.50 per hour labor charge for computer programming when needed

  • 20% overhead fee added to labor charges

  • 10 cents per page for letter-sized paper copies

  • 15 cents per page for legal-sized paper copies

  • $1.00 per CD

  • $3.00 per DVD

  • Postage

Timing and Deadlines

Requested information will be provided promptly or as soon as possible under the circumstances, that is, within a reasonable time, without delay. The requestor will be informed if the information will not be provided within ten business days, as well as an estimated date on which the information will be provided.

View the Public Information Request Calendar for information on business hours, observed holidays and designated nonbusiness days.

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