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2023-24 Calendar Creation

One of the more difficult tasks the district has each year is creating a calendar that works well for more than 67,000 students plus students’ families. Each year, the District develops a calendar with the help of staff and community members and attempts to meet the needs of most people in the community.

The major challenges associated with this task are but are not limited to, attempting to keep the fall and spring semesters as balanced as possible, meeting state requirements for school minutes, implementing required staff development days (based on when it is best to use those for our teachers) and when we will host four full days of graduations at one of our contracted facilities.  

Frisco ISD parents and staff were invited to complete a five-question survey about what they value and prioritize in the annual FISD academic calendar. Nearly 7,000 individuals completed the five-question survey including 3,977 employees and 3,011 parents. Access the survey results.

Parents and employees agreed that the academic calendar:

  • Should align with local school districts

  • Should include a full week off at Thanksgiving

  • Should end before Memorial Day

  • Should ensure that the nine-week grading period ends before Winter Break

  • Does not need holidays to align with Collin College and the University of North Texas

District administration provided a thorough explanation of how calendars are developed at the January 2023 Regular Board meeting.

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