Dynamic Organizational Strategy

Frisco ISD is committed to ongoing reflection and review of our District practices to better serve our students, staff, and community. In the spirit of continuous improvement, we have replaced the idea of a long-term strategic plan with a framework for ongoing strategic change that we call Dynamic Organizational Strategy. 

FISD’s Dynamic Organizational Strategy aligns all of our systems and resources with the Future-Ready Framework and allows us to:

  • Ensure long-term goals and improvement efforts are aligned with the community’s expectations and definition of success

  • Engage and receive feedback from internal and external stakeholders throughout the change process, and

  • Evaluate in real-time our capacity (time, energy and resources) to move forward with new initiatives.

Our annual Strategic Blueprint outlines the District’s priorities and goals for the school year based on a needs assessment conducted by District leadership and the Board of Trustees. 

The District’s local accountability system measures our continuous improvement efforts and is designed to hold us accountable to the Future-Ready Framework.