Future-Ready Focus Areas

Future-Ready FrameworksFuture-Ready focus areas guide the work of Frisco ISD campuses in developing future-ready learners. This continuous campus improvement process helps staff identify goals and data points that can be reported each year as part of the District’s Community-Based Accountability System, which aims to demonstrate the progress of each campus in responding to the needs of students. 

The focus areas and key questions that drive this work are as follows:

Strategic Collaborative Leadership 

An approach that allows leaders to work collaboratively with others to lead focused planning and strategic monitoring of outcomes to help guide the District in future-ready learning.

  • Do we hire, develop and retain highly effective teachers, ensuring access to all students?

  • Do we solicit feedback and partner with all stakeholders in an effort to meet school improvement needs?

  • Do we promote a growth mindset and action in our staff and student learners? 

  • Do we plan for, monitor, model, assess and celebrate the implementation of future-ready learning experiences?

Guaranteed & Viable Curriculum

A resource that articulates how all students will receive a comprehensive, equitable, rigorous and standards-based education, across all campuses/grade levels, in all subject areas.

  • Do we design and deliver the Frisco ISD standards-based content that supports student learning for all?

  • Do all learners have the opportunity to demonstrate their learning in authentic ways?

  • Are all learners provided with rigorous and meaningful future-ready learning experiences?  

Curriculum and Pacing Documents

Differentiated Instruction & Assessment

An instructional design that meets individual students’ academic and behavioral needs and interests by providing a wide array of learning experiences and programming options.

  • Are our instructional strategies meeting the academic, behavioral and emotional needs of each learner?

  • Do we provide timely and meaningful feedback to design and inform instructional practices? 

  • Are we ensuring all learners are demonstrating growth/grade level achievement?

Whole Child Model

The systematic alignment and collaboration between education and health to improve each child's cognitive, physical, social and emotional development.

  • Do we support the social-emotional development of all learners? 

  • Are our learners involved and connected with our school community?

  • Do our learners feel a sense of belonging and security?

  • Do we respond to and support the academic, behavioral and emotional needs of students when they face challenges? 

Social and emotional learning overview and access to lessons

Learner-Centered Environment

An inclusive environment with the flexibility to support high levels of engagement through voice and choice while allowing students to be creative thinkers and problem solvers.

  • Are we creating a safe, inclusive and engaging learning environment?

  • Do we facilitate, promote and value learners’ voice and choice in their learning?

  • Are resources and learning spaces being utilized and adapted to support learner engagement and outcomes?


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