Local Accountability System

Frisco ISD’s local accountability system is based upon the premise that schools exist to serve students, their parents, and their communities and that accountability should first align with that purpose. Local accountability is a direct response to the fact that test-based state accountability systems fail to offer much information or insight into the actual changes or improvements that need to occur within a school. 

FISD’s local accountability system: 

  • Is driven by the unique needs of the students and the values and expectations of the community it serves, as compared to the one-size-fits-all approach that is currently used.

  • Includes parents, community members and educators working in partnership to identify meaningful indicators of progress and/or successes unique to the Frisco ISD community.

  • Supports efforts to innovate and customize learning experiences based on the needs and interests of our students and community.

  • Recognizes that schools are accountable for the capacities, requirements, principles, and infrastructure necessary to create and sustain a successful learning organization.

  • Is an engine of meaningful change for schools, not another report card.

FISD’s local accountability system recognizes and reports on educational outcomes above and beyond standardized testing by providing information to schools and communities about overall effectiveness through the lens of the Future-Ready Framework.

District Improvement Plan

In an effort to ensure the ongoing engagement of stakeholders within Frisco ISD, the District has reevaluated the structure of the District of Innovation Committee and other district-wide committees. As a result of that review, Frisco ISD is reformatting the District Advisory Council to serve as the state-required district level planning committee that will develop, evaluate and revise the district improvement plan and consider and vote on the final version of the District’s proposed Local Innovation Plan.

Annual District Accountability Report

Whether formal or informal, accountability is one of the most powerful orienting forces within an organization. It molds and orients an organization on how it can be effective, and it can drive meaningful, lasting change. Read the 2022-23 District Accountability Report

Annual Campus Accountability Report

Frisco ISD invites families to dig deeper into what makes their school special. The Annual Campus Accountability Report is a regular report developed by and for each campus. It can be found on each campus's website or in the back of the District Accountability Report. The Annual Campus Accountability Report details accomplishments, key data points related to the Future-Ready Framework, and other highlights that are simply unquantifiable on standardized assessments.

  • Each campus published a Future-Ready Profile in August 2022.

  • The 2023 Annual Campus Accountability Report will be released in mid-September when the Texas Education Agency releases the next set of state accountability letter grades.

Journey to Local Accountability

The Texas Education Agency established a statewide rating system to evaluate the academic performance of Texas public schools. Through this system, campuses and districts are each assigned a letter grade (A-F).

In lieu of creating a new 5-year strategic plan, District leadership partnered with the Schlechty Center to think differently about strategic planning. Leadership began evaluating the capacity of the system to implement a continuous improvement cycle to meet the needs of our school community.

Frisco ISD joined 40 other school districts in the Texas Public Accountability Consortium in an effort to develop community-based accountability systems. District and campus leadership received training by John Tanner of BraveEd and the Texas Association of School Administrators in this process.

  • District leadership began to envision a strategic change process that would be a “living” strategic plan that evolves to meet the changing needs of our students, staff and community.

  • FISD began working on our Future-Ready vision by developing Future-Ready Learner, Leader, and Educator profiles that would operationalize the mission of Frisco ISD.

Frisco ISD began to meld the future-ready initiative with community-based accountability and created the Future-Ready Framework.

  • The framework originally consisted of 5 focus areas, each with a set of key questions FISD would hold itself accountable to.

District and campus leaders began to operationalize the strategic change process.

  • Future-Ready Framework as a core tenant of our district.

  • Frisco ISD solidified the local accountability system, which evolved from community-based accountability and now aligns with our future-ready vision and strategic change model.

  • The strategic change process is officially named Dynamic Organizational Strategy.