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Local Innovation Plan

Frisco ISD became a District of Innovation on February 13, 2017, following Board adoption of a Local Innovation Plan. The plan was developed by a committee of parents, staff and community members in November 2016 and was approved by the District Improvement Team earlier in February. 

Local Innovation Plan


The District of Innovation concept was passed into law by the 84th Legislature (2015) through House Bill 1842, which was codified in Texas Education Code Chapter 12A. The designation allows school districts to access many of the same options that are currently available to charter schools. In order to seek the designation, a school district must have an accountability rating of met standard.

Despite its name, this designation does not allow FISD to be overly innovative or to make changes in areas related to curriculum, graduation requirements, governance, academic and financial accountability and much more. For more information about Districts of Innovation, see information from the Texas Education Agency and the Texas Association of School Boards.

Approved Exemptions

The following exemptions were approved as part of the Local Innovation Plan, which will be reviewed each year by the committee who drafted it to ensure it is continuing to meet the needs of the District. Any changes would need to be approved by the District Improvement Team and Board of Trustees.

  • School Start Date – Statute dictates that school cannot begin prior to the fourth Monday in August. The approved guideline states that Frisco ISD may start school as early as the second Monday of August, with preference given to the third Monday. The exception allowed Frisco ISD to schedule the first day of the 2017-18 school year on August 21, which is the third Monday in August, and close the school year on June 1. Prior to a state mandate in 2007, school started in FISD on the second or third Monday in August.    

  • Campus Behavior Coordinators – The exemption regarding campus behavior coordinators allows the District to go back to the previous practice of assigning multiple assistant principals with duties related to student discipline management. In 2015, the 84th Legislature required that this duty be assigned to one administrator, which created inefficiencies, limited the effectiveness of administrators and did not support the relationship building that we value within Frisco ISD. 

  • Pre-K Minutes of Instruction – The Local Innovation Plan exempts FISD from a requirement regarding the number of minutes of instruction at the Pre-Kindergarten level. The 84th Legislature dictated that students must receive 75,600 minutes of instruction each year. Given Frisco ISD’s 174-day school calendar, FISD would have to add 33 minutes to the instructional day for Pre-K students to meet this requirement. This is not possible given FISD’s structure of a half-day morning and afternoon Pre-K program at one facility – the Early Childhood School. There is not enough time in the day to run a morning and afternoon program, allow for teachers to have a planning period and a duty-free lunch, and meet the minutes outlined in this requirement. The exemption allows FISD to continue to run the program the same way as it has in the past. 


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