Future-Ready Learner

Frisco ISD prepares students for success in futures they create. In addition to academics, students are challenged and supported in developing their ability to:

Embrace Challenges

  • develop growth mindset to learn from mistakes

  • persevere by applying new strategies

  • reflect and build on struggles, failures, and successes


  • identify shared goals and negotiate strategies for success

  • recognize and include the strengths of all individuals

  • demonstrate confidence in personal ability to make the group better


  • identify real-world problems and develop creative solutions

  • think critically and ask questions that produce a deeper understanding

  • leverage technology as a tool for improvement


  • clearly articulate ideas in a variety of ways

  • build connections by listening and learning from diverse viewpoints

  • ensure sources of information are accurate, reliable and relevant


  • serve local and global communities through actions that positively impact society

  • set goals based on individual passions, interests and strengths

  • create a positive and productive digital/online presence


  • show compassion and respect toward the feelings of others

  • manage emotions and make responsible decisions based on social awareness

  • balance demands with free time and seek help when needed

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