How We Work

Frisco ISD’s Dynamic Organizational Strategy includes a foundational vision, strategic plan, data-driven actions, and local accountability. As we analyze the need for changes to programs or practices, we work through a hierarchy of purpose that intentionally aligns our goals and actions with our mission, vision, and priorities.


Frisco ISD’s core purpose is summed up by our mission to know every student by name and need. 


Frisco ISD’s Future-Ready Framework is a set of conditions that should exist for all students. The framework consists of six focus areas that serve as the foundation for our continuous improvement efforts. 


The Board of Trustees annually adopts priorities, aligned with the Future-Ready Framework, to ensure Frisco ISD’s vision is being carried out in alignment with community input.


We regularly review the systems we have in place to support the Board’s priorities. The District reviews data, conducts an annual needs assessment and proposes changes to programs, practices or policies through our continuous improvement efforts.


Once the District establishes a clear alignment between a proposed change and priorities, FISD can begin to evaluate whether resources are adequate to effect change. Resources include people, money and time.


Each program or practice will produce some return on investment, and the District must have a mechanism to measure whether the change increased or decreased a return on investment. FISD’s local accountability system provides a mechanism for reporting data and other success measures aligned to the Future-Ready Framework.

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