Strategic Change Stakeholders

FISD has adopted a strategic change model for navigating the continuous improvement process. Stakeholder engagement at all levels through two-way communication is a key component of continuous improvement and is central to FISD’s change process. The stakeholders hold the District and themselves accountable to the Dynamic Organizational Strategy through the Local Accountability System.

We utilize both formal and informal stakeholder groups to engage in discussions and seek feedback regarding our continuous improvement efforts. Informal stakeholder groups often take the form of focus groups that come together to discuss specific ideas or action items. Our formalized stakeholder groups include:

  • Campus Improvement Teams - These groups are established at each campus by the campus principal. They meet regularly to discuss the development and implementation of individual campus improvement plans.

  • District Advisory Council

  • District Leaders - This group meets regularly and consists of the principal from each campus plus district-level leaders from the Pantry.

  • The Pantry - This group meets regularly and consists of leaders from each centralized department in the district.

  • Instructional Support Team

  • Board of Trustees