Visual and Performing Arts Center

In November 2018, Frisco ISD voters approved a $691 million bond package to provide funding to build new schools and facilities and maintain and repair existing facilities. Part of the package earmarked $43 million for a fine arts facility that includes an auditorium, gallery space, instructional training and office space.

Guiding Vision

  • The fine arts facility would expand future-ready learning and student opportunities in Frisco ISD. 

  • FISD fine arts programs would use the facility more than 160 days per year, with the potential for outside groups and/or partners to utilize the facility as well.

  • Current high school auditoriums seat 600 people, but the new facility would allow for larger, collaborative performances between fine arts disciplines, campuses and grade levels. In addition, it would maximize student instructional time by hosting student events at the fine arts facility that normally occur during the school day.

  • A visual and performing arts center would host UIL and evaluative competitive events in order to reduce fine arts instructional time lost at host campuses. 

Tracking Project Progress

Latest Update

November 14, 2022

In a 7-0 vote, the Board of Trustees awarded architectural and engineering services to Corgan and owner’s representation services to CBRE Heery. They also approved the construction delivery method for the VPAC.

Next Steps

As the District pursues building the FISD Visual and Performing Arts Center, the District is committed to following through on what the voters approved, while prioritizing fiscal responsibility. Design work on the FISD Visual and Performing Arts Center is expected to get underway this fall.

Previous Updates

October 24, 2022

The Board of Trustees gathered to review the rationale and history behind the much anticipated Visual and Performing Arts Center during a special Board workshop.

August 11, 2022

Over the past four years, Frisco ISD met with potential public and private partners to define the scope and viability of the visual and performing arts center while prioritizing fiscal responsibility and the expansion of student opportunity. 

After months of meticulous research and reviewing entity priorities, Frisco ISD has decided it will best serve students by independently building a Visual and Performing Arts Center using land already owned by the District. A project that could meet the needs of all the parties would require additional financing from both the public and private sectors, so it was determined that the best way for the district to move forward is to build a facility with the core purpose of serving students.

May 9, 2022
Board Meeting - Presentation of Findings of Spatial Analysis

Corgan | Studio Gang, along with Schuler Shook Theater consultants, was tasked to provide spatial analysis services to determine size, schedule and costing impacts related to various seating capacities. The analysis commenced with both stakeholders and designated user performing groups. Stakeholders included representatives from Frisco ISD, City of Frisco, and the Hall Development Group. See a list of survey participants. 

Building upon evidentiary data collected during the spatial analysis discovery phase, a table was created with an overview of the theater compatibility with an associated seating capacity that meets the goals of key groups. Access the compatibility matrix.

According to the Board report, material and labor costs have escalated. The prices continually fluctuate among the current economic climate. The design efficiency, ability to reduce or defer intended scope of building may need to be reviewed for financial savings options. Find how much costs have changed. 

The Board was presented with a chart with projected project totals on low and high end finish outs at various seating capacities. Access the informative project cost summary estimates.

February 15, 2022
Regular Board Meeting - Consider and act on qualification of an Architect for the Performing Arts Center and approval of an agreement for programming phase of the project

September 2021

June 22, 2021
Special Board Meeting - Consider and act on approval of the Master Development Agreement for Facilities and Related Improvements among the City of Frisco, Texas, Frisco Independent School District, Frisco Community Development Corporation, and HP Frisco Holdings, LLC

February 2019

November 6, 2018

  • 61 percent of Frisco ISD voters approved a $691 million bond package to provide funding to build new schools and facilities and maintain and repair existing facilities. The ballot propositions were based on community recommendations, as well as input and feedback gathered in dozens of stakeholder meetings.

  • At the time of the 2018 election, the projected cost of a 1,250 seat fine arts auditorium was $43 million with an estimated $200,000 M&O impact.

  • TRE/Bond website regarding approved measures 

  • Full scope of 2018 bond program

October 2018
Bond and TRE town hall meeting regarding student opportunity, including the fine arts facility

August 20, 2018
Special Board Meeting

August 2, 2018
Special Board Meeting
The Facilities & Programs Evaluation Committee made a recommendation to the School Board for a bond election. The committee looked at each proposed bond project individually before making its recommendation to the School Board. Each project, including a 1,250 seat fine arts facility, had to get 80% approval of members in order for it to be included in the proposal. The Facilities & Programs Evaluation Committee charged the District with exploring a partnership with either the City of Frisco or a private entity before building the fine arts facility.

May 2018
The Facilities & Programs Evaluation Committee formed to study student enrollment projections, school building capacities and potential facility and maintenance projects. The group also examined operational costs associated with smaller class sizes, additional academic programs, increased student intervention and more.

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