Advisory Committee Recommends Bond Election

A committee of Frisco ISD community members, parents, students and staff recommended Thursday the school district put a bond election on the November ballot.

The Facilities & Programs Evaluation Committee was tasked with evaluating student enrollment projections, school building capacities and facility and maintenance needs as FISD continues to grow and many buildings in the District age. In addition, members examined the District’s goals and objectives regarding academics, security, technology, athletics, fine arts and transportation.

The committee recommended the District:

  • Construct four new campuses, including one high school, two middle schools and one elementary school to accommodate 72,000 students and maintain the current high school model promoting student opportunity

  • Maintain regular preventative maintenance, repair and replacement cycles for buildings

  • Update and refresh furniture and equipment in older campuses

  • Retrofit interior classroom glass to be bullet resistant and add campus emergency lockdown technology

  • Refresh, replace and add classroom and campus instructional technology and update technology at the Network Operations Center

  • Expand the existing swim facility for additional practice space

  • Construct a multi-purpose 1,250-seat auditorium to host performing and visual arts events and other activities, as well as adjacent instructional, training and office space

  • Construct an annex to the existing Career and Technical Education Center for additional learning space

  • And more

View all the proposed bond projects.

The projects proposed by the committee would also impact operational spending, and the group identified millions of dollars in additional needs that cannot be addressed through a bond program. Those include:

  • Class size reduction at all levels

  • Additional personnel for student intervention

  • Expansion of choice programs at all levels

  • More competitive compensation

  • Expansion of early childhood and pre-k programs

  • Modified block scheduling at the middle school level

District leaders presented a plan Thursday to fund the bond proposal and provide flexibility to address the operating recommendations without raising the combined property tax rate. Read more on that here

No action was taken at the meeting. The School Board will decide in the coming weeks whether or not to call an election. Trustees have the flexibility to accept, reject or modify the committee’s recommendations.

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