Expand Athletics Offices

  • Address: 6950 Stadium Lane Frisco, Texas 75033

  • Scope: Expand, renovate and add storage at the existing Athletics Department offices

  • Projected Cost: $600,000

  • Number of Buildings Impacted: 1

  • Areas Addressed: New Construction, Facility Maintenance, Refresh & Renewal, Additional Safety & Security, Recruitment & Retention

  • Renovation would add approximately 3,000 square feet of space and would include two new offices, a conference room and more storage

  • Space for the Athletics Department has remained unchanged since 2004, despite FISD opening eight high schools and 13 middle schools in that time 

  • The Department now oversees approximately 10,000 student athletes, up more than 8,000 since 2004

Swim Facility Expansion

  • Scope: Expand the existing swim facility for additional practice space

  • Projected Cost: $22 million

  • Estimated M&O Impact: $300,000*

  • Number of Buildings Impacted: 1

  • Areas Addressed: Safety & Security, New Construction, Student Opportunity

  • Facility adjacent to the existing Bruce Eubanks Natatorium would provide additional practice space with pool of 50 meters X 25 yards

  • Pool would allow configurations of nine swimming lanes of 50 meters or 20 swimming lanes of 25 yards, and would also have a deep-water area for diving

  • FISD now has five times as many students participating in swimming and diving than when the Eubanks Natatorium, the District’s lone swimming venue, opened in 2003

  • Project has potential to generate revenue as host of community events and public and private swim teams

Baseball/Softball Facilities

  • Scope: Turf baseball and softball fields at three high schools and batting cages at all high schools 

  • Projected Cost: $6 million 

  • Estimated M&O Impact*

  • Number of Buildings Impacted: 10 high schools

  • Areas Addressed: Student Opportunity 

  • Would install artificial turf for baseball and softball fields at three high school campuses, as well as install artificial turf in baseball and softball hitting tunnels at all 10 high schools

  • Artificial turf requires less field maintenance than natural grass and prevents rainouts because of its superior drainage

  • Could generate revenue by attracting playoff games and hosting tournaments due to field’s versatility and ability to sustain heavy use

*Any revenue generated from this project is not factored into the M&O impact.
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