Future Ready


Frisco ISD is committed to developing students who are ready for whatever lies beyond high school – whether that’s college, a career or the military. In a rapidly changing world, students need skills that can be easily transferred from one employer or job sector to another as well applied in any aspect of their life. 

Future ready defines student achievement beyond test scores, grades and class rank to encompass a broader picture of what students need to be successful, both in the classroom and following high school graduation. From developing grit to persevere through challenges and identifying solutions to real-world problems, FISD seeks to create authentic and relevant learning experiences that go beyond the required curriculum standards and foster transferable skills that can be applied to a wide variety of life and career paths. To do that, FISD must reimagine education, empower students to take an active role in their learning and tailor instruction to meet their unique needs and interests.

Our Future-Ready focus areas guide the work of Frisco ISD campuses in accomplishing these goals. Our Future-Ready Profiles detail the traits FISD seeks to develop in its students, as well as the attributes cultivated in employees tasked with helping them become future ready. 

Profile of Future-Ready Learner
Profile of Future-Ready Educator
Profile of Future-Ready Leader

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