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Local Innovation Plan

The Frisco ISD Board of Trustees appointed a Local Innovation Plan Committee. The Committee met on November 28 and 30 and drafted a Local Innovation Plan. The following plan was introduced at the December 12 Board meeting:

Local Innovation Plan


The Frisco Independent School District Board of Trustees is exploring the option of becoming designated as a District of Innovation.

The District of Innovation concept was passed into law by the 84th Legislature (2015) through House Bill 1842, which was codified in Texas Education Code Chapter 12A. The designation allows school districts to access many of the same options that are currently available to charter schools. In order to seek the designation, a school district must have an accountability rating of met standard.

There are currently 35 school districts in the state with this designation and many others are currently involved in the process.

For more information on what the designation means to a school district, see the Board presentation (Slide Presentation), along with resources available at the Texas Education Agency and the Texas Association of School Boards.

Current Timeline/Status

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