Frisco ISD Taxes

Current Tax Rate

The 2022 anticipated tax rate is $1.2214 per $100 valuation, approximately 4.5 cents lower than the 2021 tax rate. The tax rate will be adopted by the School Board in August or September 2022 after property values are certified. 

The 2021 adopted tax rate for Frisco ISD is $1.2672. The combined tax rate is a combination of an M&O tax rate of $0.9972 and an I&S tax rate of $0.27. 

Tax Office

All Frisco ISD taxes are collected by the Collin County Tax Office:

Collin County Tax Assessor-Collector, Frisco Office
6101 Frisco Square Blvd
Suite 2000
Frisco, TX 75034

Understanding Tax Rates

Funding for public schools in Texas comes from three main sources: local school district property taxes, state funds and federal funds. The vast majority of funding comes from local property taxes and state funding.

The state establishes the total amount of state and local funding due to school districts under Texas school finance law. These laws limit school districts’ ability to generate revenue locally. 

The combined tax rate for Frisco ISD is actually two separate rates that support two separate funds. These funds have separate functions and specific rules govern how these funds can be spent. These separate tax rates are maintenance and operations (M&O) and interest and sinking (I&S). Every year each tax rate is adopted by the School Board.

M&O Tax Rate

M&O taxes fund the general operations of the District and are subject to the state's funding formula for public education. This is the part of the budget that pays for staff, utilities, supplies, general maintenance of facilities and all the costs associated with running our schools on a daily basis. As schools are a people-intensive business, about 80 percent of these funds go to personnel costs. 

I&S Tax Rate

I&S taxes fund the costs generated by the issuance of school building bonds. Bonds pay for building new facilities, renovations of existing facilities and large infrastructure upgrades.

Frisco ISD must seek the approval of voters to authorize the issuance of bonds. Bond elections don't raise the I&S tax rate, but costs associated with bonds can influence the I&S tax rate.

Although voters have to approve an entire bond program, the bonds are only issued as school projects are needed rather than all at once. Most bonds are issued for 30 years, but the principal amount issued for short term assets, such as technology, are paid off more quickly.

Tax Rate History

Year Rate M&O I&S
2021 $1.2672
2020 $1.3102
2019 $1.3383 $1.0683 $0.2700
2018 $1.4400 $1.1700 $0.2700
2017 $1.4600 $1.0400 $0.4200
2016 $1.4600 $1.0400 $0.4200
2015 $1.4600 $1.0400 $0.4200
2014 $1.4600 $1.0400 $0.4200
2013 $1.4600 $1.0400 $0.4200
2012 $1.4600 $1.0400 $0.4200
2011 $1.4200 $1.0000 $0.4200
2010 $1.3900 $1.0000 $0.3900
2009 $1.3900 $1.0000 $0.3900
2008 $1.3700 $1.0000 $0.3700
2007 $1.3500 $0.9600 $0.3900
2006 $1.5800 $1.2100 $0.3700
2005 $1.6300 $1.3200 $0.3100
2004 $1.5575 $1.2775 $0.2800
2003 $1.5175 $1.2775 $0.2400
2002 $1.4975 $1.2375 $0.2600
2001 $1.4400 $1.1600 $0.2800
2000 $1.4200 $1.0800 $0.3400
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