Campus Safety Features

  • Scope: Retrofit interior classroom glass to be bullet resistant and add campus emergency lockdown technology

  • Projected Cost: $4.3 million

  • Number of Buildings Impacted: 72

  • Areas Addressed: Additional Safety & Security, Facility Maintenance, Refresh & Renewal, Recruitment & Retention

  • Resistant glass installed in classroom doors and sidelights would add a layer of security for all students and staff

  • Emergency lockdown and duress activation for immediate notification to the building, law enforcement, District security and central administrative staff 

Security Surveillance Updates

  • Scope: Upgrade and/or update security cameras, servers and fiber

  • Projected Cost: $8.3 million

  • Areas Addressed: Additional Safety & Security, Facility Maintenance, Refresh & Renewal, Recruitment & Retention

  • Replace approximately 2,400 security cameras and add 4K cameras in high-traffic locations

  • Replace older servers with higher-capacity servers which will increase storage and process video faster

  • Move servers from shared fiber to fiber-only pushing video at elementary schools

  • Security cameras are also utilized by the Frisco police and fire departments through the S.A.F.E.R. program 

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