Equip buses with birds-eye view technology

  • Scope: Provide safety enhancement for all buses

  • Projected Cost: $1 million

  • Areas Addressed: New Construction, Additional Safety & Security

  • Augments driver awareness around the bus during loading/unloading of students and while the bus is in traffic

  • Records all activity

Purchase additional buses, white fleet and box trucks and replace vehicles

  • Scope: Provide new vehicles to accommodate District growth and replace aging equipment

  • Projected Cost: $23 million

  • Estimated M&O Impact: $600,000

  • Areas Addressed: New Construction, Additional Safety & Security

  • Buses 15-20 years old would be considered for replacement

  • Purchase 30 regular buses for growth, 20 regular buses to replace aging buses, 30 special needs buses for growth, 20 special needs buses to replace aging buses, 25 new activity buses to accommodate growth and replacements

  • Purchase 12 tractor trucks to pull band trailers, eliminating the use of rentals

  • Purchase 25 white fleet vehicles to accommodate District growth 

  • Purchase five box trucks for fine arts to provide a box truck for all high school feeders  

Update the Barrow Transportation Facility

  • Scope: Replace shop lighting and bay doors; install new fluid delivery, exhaust system and covered bus wash

  • Projected Cost: $1.6 million

  • Number of Buildings Impacted: 1

  • Areas Addressed: New Construction, Facility Maintenance, Refresh & Renewal

  • The shop was built in 1987 and was last updated in 1998. In 2015, the Barrow Transportation offices were rebuilt as part of the 2014 bond program, but other areas were not addressed.

  • Updates would enhance overall function of the facility for bus storage and maintenance

  • Renovation would expand parking lot to accommodate buses and employee parking, including changes for expanded ADA requirements

  • Cover would be provided for bus parking and fuel stations

Construct an additional transportation facility

  • Scope: Provide additional office and maintenance space; install covered bus wash, a fuel island, equipment and tanks; provide additional covered parking for 200 buses

  • Projected Cost: $19.2 million

  • Estimated M&O Impact: $475,000

  • Areas Addressed: New Construction, Facility Maintenance, Refresh & Renewal

  • New station would accommodate growth

  • Station would be added on the east side of town to reduce operational costs

  • Additional parking and office space would accommodate an increase in the bus fleet and number of drivers

Purchase RFID Bus Monitoring Technology to track bus ridership

  • Scope: Install technology to address safety and security of bus fleet

  • Projected Cost: $2 million

  • Areas Addressed: New Construction, Additional Safety & Security

  • Address safety and security on buses

  • Improve GPS fleet tracking

  • ID Tag Security System would create bus manifest to help ensure students use assigned bus stop

  • Enhance bus communication with dispatch, school and parents

  • Save fuel and reduce cost

  • Increase driver efficiencies during monthly, state-required TEA bus counts

  • Increase funding for TEA Route Services Report

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