Career and Technical Education

  • Address: 9889 Wade Blvd Frisco, TX 75035

  • Scope: Construct an annex to the existing CTE Center for additional learning space 

  • Projected Cost: $21 million

  • Estimated M&O Impact: $1.865 million

  • Areas Addressed: Student Opportunity, New Construction, Future-Ready Learning

  • Increase capacity for CTE programs as many classes are at capacity

  • Allow about 1,000 additional students per day to take classes at the CTE Center

  • Allow the CTE Center to offer new programs that meet future-ready learning goals


  • Scope: Replace and add classroom and campus instructional technology and update technology at the Network Operations Center

  • Projected Cost: $71.5 million

  • Estimated M&O Impact: $2.65 million

  • Number of Buildings Impacted: 79 campuses

  • Areas Addressed: Future-Ready Learning, Student Opportunity

  • Apple iOS devices updated on a rotating schedule every three years

  • Rotate all general technology devices throughout District every five years, replacing and updating most equipment

  • Purchase 100,000 new devices over five years as District continues to grow and technology changes

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