Strategic Blueprint

Our annual Strategic Blueprint begins with a set of Strategic Goals developed in collaboration with stakeholders and adopted by the Board of Trustees. Strategic Goals are statements of direction aligned with our priorities that guide our work and our continuous improvement efforts. 

The system-wide responses to each of the Board’s adopted objectives are summarized in our annual District Improvement Plan, which consists of goals and action plans to be carried out over the course of the school year.

2023-24 Board-Adopted District Priorities

At the June 20 Special Board meeting, Trustees approved the District’s priorities for the 2023-24 school year. These priorities are in alignment with survey results and reflect the input of stakeholders from around the District. Learn about the development of the approved priorities:

  • FISD staff will be equipped to ensure student behavior does not interfere with the learning environment.

  • FISD students will be agents of their own learning with access to differentiated, meaningful and relevant opportunities for growth.

  • Communication between Frisco ISD and its stakeholders will reflect a strategic, coordinated effort to engage and inform the school community.

  • Frisco ISD staff will experience a positive working environment that encourages professional growth, fulfillment and retention. 

District Improvement Plan

In an effort to ensure the ongoing engagement of stakeholders within Frisco ISD, the District has reevaluated the structure of the District of Innovation Committee and other district-wide committees. As a result of that review, Frisco ISD is reformatting the District Advisory Council to serve as the state-required district level planning committee that will develop, evaluate and revise the district improvement plan and consider and vote on the final version of the District’s proposed Local Innovation Plan.

District Improvement Plan

  • January - April - District and campus needs assessments take place to identify needs for improvement in the upcoming school year. As a part of the needs assessment process, The District Advisory Council provides recommendations for future priorities.

  • April - Instruction Support Team develops recommended priorities

  • May - Board is presented with the recommended District priorities

  • June - Public Hearing held regarding priorities for the upcoming school year

  • June - Special Board meeting to adopt Board priorities

  • June - August - District leaders set goals for each priority and develop the District Improvement Plan. Campus Leaders develop their Campus Improvement Plans

  • September - Board adopts the District Improvement Plan and Campus Improvement Plans

  • September - May - The District and Campus Improvement Plans are carried out, and success is measured through our Local Accountability System.

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