It is important to remember that the Board operates as a collective group, which includes the Superintendent - a team of eight. If you have information you would like to share with the Board, there are several ways to communicate with the Board of Trustees.

Board Meetings

Any citizen can come and speak to the Board during the Communications to and from the Board time of each regular meeting of the Board. For the most part, this allows for someone to have five minutes to share information or concerns with the Board. The Board cannot deliberate or take action on a topic that may be introduced, but can ask clarifying questions. If you wish to address the Board, please look for the blue sign-up form and return it to Michele Crutcher, Assistant to the Superintendent and Board of Trustees, before the meeting begins.

By Letter

A citizen can send a letter to the FISD Board of Trustees, 5515 Ohio Drive, Frisco, Texas 75035.

By Fax

A citizen can fax the Board members at 469-633-6050.

By Phone

If you would like to contact an individual Board member, Michele Crutcher, Assistant to the Superintendent and Board of Trustees can facilitate your invitation. Contact her at 469.633.6012 or

By Email

Communications to the Board and the Superintendent at are also sent to the Director of Communications, who will most likely be the staff person responding to the citizen with timely and accurate information regarding their request or concern. The Board and Superintendent will see all communications and responses, but may not respond individually.

Note: To have something on the agenda for the Board to deliberate and take action on, a Board member or the Superintendent must place it on the agenda.

Appropriate Channels of Communication

In matters of specific complaints, concerns and suggestions, all appropriate channels need to be exhausted before addressing it to the Board.

  • Step One – Contact the person nearest the issue – ex. Teacher, coach, counselor, coordinator.

  • Step Two – Contact the Principal or Supervisor.

  • Step Three – Contact the Assistant Superintendent responsible for the area of concern.

  • Step Four – Contact the Superintendent or designee.

All campus discipline issues are addressed at the campus level. See the official complaint process.

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