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Complaints from Frisco ISD employees, students, parents, and the public, by formally adopted policy, should be registered and addressed in the following manner:

Procedures for Receiving and Resolving Campus Discipline Appeals

Informal Level

In most circumstances, employees, students, parents, and the public are expected to discuss their appeal at the lowest possible administrative level, either with the appropriate supervisor for employee concerns, the appropriate teacher for student issues, or the applicable administrator for public complaints.

Campus Team at Level One

The complainant requests a conference with the Campus Team within fifteen business days of the time that they knew, or should have known, of the event causing the appeal. The Campus Team shall hold a conference within ten business days of the request. The Campus Team shall have ten business days following the conference to investigate, if necessary, and to provide the complainant with a written response.

Campus Principal at Level Two

If the outcome at Level One is not satisfactory, the complainant may submit the Level Two appeal paperwork to the principal requesting a Level Two conference. The request must be filed in writing within ten business days after receipt of Level One response. The principal shall hear the appeal and take whatever action he/she deems appropriate. The principal shall respond within ten business days of hearing the Level Two appeal.

All principal decisions regarding discipline that does not change a student’s placement to the District Alternative Education Program (DAEP) or Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program (JJAEP) are final and cannot be appealed beyond the campus level.

Alternative Education Placements and Expulsion Appeals

Complaints concerning alternative education placements and expulsions are handled in accordance with complaint resolution procedures and the discipline management program. See principal’s office for timeline and process.

Extracurricular Discipline Appeals/Complaints

Complaints concerning student activities are handled in accordance with complaint resolution procedures and the discipline management program. See principal’s office for timeline and process.

Employee Complaints

Complaints concerning employees will be handled in accordance with policy and should be submitted to the Human Resources Department.

Gifted and Talented Program

An explanation of the appeal process and the necessary forms for parent/student complaints regarding placement into the gifted and talented program can be accessed by utilizing the following links:

Other Complaints

The process for all other parent/student complaints can be accessed by visiting policy FNG (Local). Forms for student/parent complaints not related to campus discipline can be found here.

Public Complaints

Public complaints are referenced in GF (Local).

If you have questions regarding complaints, the complaint process or regarding where to address a concern, contact Doug Zambiasi, Deputy Superintendent for Administrative Services at 469.633.6081.

In summary, complaints should be resolved at the lowest administrative level. Complainants attempting to circumvent levels should be advised of the acceptable complaint procedure by the administrator or central office members who inappropriately receive the complaint.

Note: "Days" shall mean District business days. In calculating timelines under this policy, the day a document is filed is "day zero," and all deadlines shall be determined by counting the following day as "day one."

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