Complaints & Concerns

Step 1: Contact involved individual

Most complaints and concerns can be resolved informally by contacting the campus and meeting with the involved individual (teacher, coach, etc.)

The vast majority of complaints and concerns are resolved through conversations between the involved parties.

Step 2: Contact campus administrator

If a complaint or concern is unable to be resolved through a conversation between the involved individuals, campus administrators are equipped to help facilitate a resolution.

In general, people with complaints or concerns should contact the assistant principal prior to contacting the principal.

If necessary, the principal may also assist in resolving the concerns.

Step 3: Contact district administrators

If a campus administrator has been unable to resolve the concern, parents or students should contact the School Leadership Department at 469-633-6832.

Staff in the School Leadership Department will provide assistance or direct the individual to the appropriate District administrator for assistance.

If district administrators are unable to resolve the concerns, the individual may file a formal complaint if necessary.

Formal Complaints

If an individual has completed the informal steps listed above and the concerns have not been resolved, the individual may then file a formal complaint. Note that the formal complaint process is specifically structured and may not allow for a dialogue regarding the concerns. Individuals should only use the formal complaint process after completing all of the informal steps above. When filing a formal complaint, individuals should review the Frisco ISD Complaint Procedures for specific instructions on properly filing a formal complaint.

After reviewing the procedures, individuals should click the link below to file a complaint through the Frisco ISD Request Center. Questions may be emailed to