Security features in place at all FISD schools include:

  • Controlled access with one point of entry for visitors during the school day

    • All exterior doors remain locked at elementary and middle schools, which utilize a video-based entry monitoring system to buzz visitors through a specified front door after their identification has been verified and the nature of their visit is made known

    • All but one front door remains locked at high schools

    • Visitors must enter the front office to gain access to the rest of the building

    • A second interior door must be opened electronically by staff

    • Automatic lock-down switch available for the front door

  • Full-time school resource officers at high school campuses, with middle school officers also responsible for two to three elementary schools

    • Officers are armed at all times

    • Officers are highly trained by their respective police departments in collaboration with Frisco ISD

    • Officers are equipped with medical supplies and specialized tools to assist in the event of an emergency

  • Security cameras inside and outside schools provide live access to front office staff, police, firefighters and paramedics

  • FISD security specialists patrol campuses and perform unannounced security checks

  • Regular safety drills and training for staff

  • Crisis management plans and teams at each campus

    • National Incident Management System (NIMS) - FEMA Training for principals and assistant principals

  • Hall Pass Visitor Management system screens for registered sex offenders

  • Criminal background checks on all employees, volunteers and contractors who work on District property

  • Wide-area and local-area networks allow radio communication between staff in the event of an emergency

  • STOPit anonymous online tip-line for students, parents, teachers and others to share concerns

  • Standard Response Protocol (SRP), a nationally-recognized, proven methodology that ensures a uniform response by faculty, staff and students to school-based emergencies

  • Free lunch provided to police officers in school cafeterias to increase visibility

  • Police officers encouraged to use school grounds to complete routine paperwork

  • Region 10 ESC safety and security audits

Other features of Frisco ISD schools:

  • Crossing guards direct vehicle and pedestrian traffic at elementary and middle schools, while parking lot attendants assist on high school campuses

  • Full-time nurses at each campus have access to medical supplies, protective gear and equipment

  • Automated External Defibrillator (AEDs)

  • Epi-Pens or epinephrine (used to treat severe allergic reactions)

  • Albuterol (bronchodilator that relaxes muscles in the airways and increases air flow to the lungs)

  • Emergency first aid kits including tourniquets and Stop the Bleed Kits

  • Comprehensive guidance and counseling program focusing on the whole child, including support for students’ mental, social and physical needs

  • District has a contract for random visits of K9 interdiction covering drugs and powder detection at all middle and high schools

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