School Resource Officers

Frisco ISD partners with police departments in Frisco, Plano, McKinney, and Little Elm to provide School Resource Officers (SROs) who are assigned to all middle and high schools, as well the Career and Technical Education Center and Student Opportunity Center. In addition, officers assigned to middle schools have responsibility for two to three elementary schools apart from our two elementary campuses that reside under Little Elm jurisdiction as they share a SRO officer.

School Resource Officers work closely with the District security team to provide a police presence and visibility in schools. Students also get the opportunity to interact with officers and build positive relationships.

School Resource Officers are employees of the police departments, with salaries being a shared cost. They are highly trained by their respective police departments to respond in the event of an emergency. Officers are armed at all times and keep rifles in locked gun safes at secondary schools. They are also equipped with medical supplies and specialized tools to assist in a crisis situation.  

For more information, contact:

Sergeant Brad


West - LSHS, RHS, WHS, Cobb, Griffin, Pearson, Pioneer Heritage, Stafford, Trent


Sergeant Chadd


Central - CTE, CHS, FHS, LTHS, SOC, Clark, Hunt, Staley


Sergeant Colby


East - HHS, IHS, LHS, Maus, Nelson, Roach, Vandeventer, Wester




Scoggins Middle School (McKinney)




Fowler Middle School (Plano)




Robertson, Miller (Little Elm)


Contact information for all Frisco Police Department School Resource Officers is listed here. Follow the Frisco Police Department on Facebook and Twitter at @FriscoPD. Follow SROs on Twitter at @FriscoPD_SRO

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