Bags Assist School Resource Officers with Emergency Response

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The Frisco Police Department, in conjunction with the Frisco Independent School District, has issued “Go Bags” to all of the department’s School Resource Officers. There are currently 25 SRO’s assigned to all FISD high schools and middle schools. 

The “Go Bags” were purchased through a partnership between the police department and school district. They are currently available in every FISD high school and middle school, as well as the Career and Technical Education Center and Student Opportunity Center. This also includes FISD schools located in Plano and McKinney.

The bags contain medical supplies, as well as items that could be utilized during emergency incidents, including active shooter scenarios. The medical supply portion of the bag consists of tourniquets, Israeli bandages with clotting material and other assorted basic life-saving equipment. The emergency equipment is an assorted mix of critical incident / first responder specialized tools.

“We are fortunate to live and work in communities where, through our partnership efforts, we can continue to look for ways to improve what we do and the services and support we provide,” said Frisco ISD Security Director Kevin Haller. “By working together with Frisco PD to make these emergency bags available to School Resource Officers in all our communities, it puts another tool in the hands of some of our nearest first responders that can assist their efforts in a critical situation.”

“By equipping our School Resource Officers with these Go Bags it improves our ability to respond and is another step in making our school campuses safer,” said FPD Deputy Chief David Shilson. “Our partnership with FISD is key in this effort, and this is yet another example.”

The police department is grateful to the FISD for a working partnership that allows officers the opportunity to influence students in their daily activities, while providing a safe atmosphere for faculty and students alike. The ability to have these supplies at a moment’s notice enhances the officers’ response capabilities. The acquisition of this equipment allows for rapid response that could potentially save lives in a critical emergency.

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