Collin College Dual Credit

The Frisco ISD and Collin College partnership offer qualified FISD students a variety of educational programs, services, and courses. If you are interested in receiving both high school and college credit talk to your counselor today!

Enrollment Information

Additional Dual Credit Considerations

In addition to admission requirements, there are other factors to consider when determining whether dual credit is a good, academic fit for a student:

  • Frisco ISD does not provide transportation to nor from the college or partner campuses.  It is the responsibility of the student and/or family to transport the student.

  • These are college courses, and professors will only speak to the student.

  • All correspondence from the college is in the students’ college email account and/or Canvas, not their FISD account.  Students must check these regularly.

  • If you fail a course (below 70%), you will not be permitted to take any additional dual credit classes in the same content area.

  • College courses do not average pass with one another (Ex:  ENGL 1301 grade cannot be averaged with ENGL 1302 for average passing for the year.)

  • Curriculum and grading are at the professors’ discretion and not under the purview of FISD.

  • Grades are a part of the permanent college transcript and cannot be removed nor changed.

  • FISD does not have access to grades until they are provided by the college and posted.

  • If you do not meet the dual credit deadlines outlined by FISD, you will not be permitted to participate in dual credit.  

  • If you register for the wrong course (non-dual credit section/non-approved course), you may be removed and placed in the appropriate section or be unable to earn the credit.

  • In the event there is low enrollment in dual credit classes, Collin College will move students to ensure dual credit classes will not be canceled. This requires moving students from one class to another.  Counselors try to select courses offered at the same time and location.

  • Students requests for preferred professors cannot be granted

  • If FISD is closed, that does not mean that the college classes are closed. Refer back to your college syllabi and college Canvas for attendance requirements and other information.