Disability Services

How do I receive services as a dual credit student and does Collin implement services?

Taking a dual credit course means taking a college course, therefore, the student must comply with the college’s disability guidelines. In most instances, if the class is taken at a high school campus, the high school will implement the accommodations that are approved by Collin College. However, if the course is at a Collin College campus, then the college will provide the accommodations. We recommend that you apply for services with ACCESS or Accommodations at Collin College for Equal Support Services as soon as you know you will be signing up for dual credit classes (at least one month before the semester starts).

Steps to Applying for Accommodations

Step 1
Have your Cougar Web ID (CWID) available. This is the 9 digits number you received by email after you applied to Collin College.

Step 2
Go to this link to complete and submit the application. Please upload your documentation (such as a 504 plan) with this application, or email your documentation to ACCESS_Documentation@collin.edu.

Step 3
 A representative from the Collin College ACCESS office will contact you by email or phone to discuss the requested accommodations. Please check your Collin College email address for information. 

Step 4
You will log onto CougarWeb each semester to send accommodation letters electronically to your professors (instructions will be provided).

How does college differ from high school disability services?

In college:

  • Students must seek out disability services and request them each semester.

  • Modifications (changes) are not provided, only reasonable accommodations (adjustments).

  • Services are optional and not mandatory.

  • No accommodations are provided without self-disclosure and supportive documentation.

  • Parents have limited involvement, and only at the written consent of the student.

For more FAQs please visit the Collin College Disability Services website.

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