Attendance Zones

In Frisco ISD, students are assigned to schools based on where they live. If your address is not within District boundaries, your student is not eligible to attend FISD schools. FISD does not accept out-of-district transfers or fees to enroll out-of-district students. The District does allow employees who live in other districts to enroll their children in FISD.

If your address or future address falls near the District boundary, please contact us to verify attendance. The search feature below is intended as a guide to help you determine your campuses.
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Campus Boundary Adjustments

Each fall, Frisco ISD receives updated enrollment projections for each school from an experienced outside consulting group that monitors neighborhood growth, new construction and population trends. This data is reviewed by leadership with the in-house demographer to determine whether campus boundary modifications are required for the following school year. Boundary changes aim to effectively utilize space and balance enrollment in existing schools.

Learn more about the decision making process that includes comprehensive long and short-term planning.