Volunteer Background Check

Frisco ISD requires background checks for volunteers and other purposes. If you plan to volunteer or have been instructed to submit a background check, please review the following:

  • Completion of this form is only required once a year.

  • Background checks are cleared at the end of the school year by the last week of June.

  • New background checks can be submitted for a new school year starting in July.

  • Use your legal name as it appears on your driver's license or other official ID.

  • This form requires either a Social Security Number or Visa Number in order to complete the application.

  • Background results may take 3-5 business days to complete.

App-Garden Volunteer Tracker

Frisco ISD began using App-Garden's Volunteer Tracker during the 2016-17 school for background checks and volunteer tracking. There are separate instructions for new and existing users to this system.

Previous Users

  • Returning users must first log into the system and answer a question about continuing as a volunteer.

  • Your USER ID is the email address that you registered your account with. Passwords can be reset on the login page.

  • If you are renewing your volunteer status, please update the selection of activities, locations and any contact information that may have changed.

  • If you no longer plan on volunteering, we would appreciate it if you would indicate this with a "NO" on the continuing volunteering question.

Continue to the App-Garden Volunteer Tracker Login

New Users

Frisco ISD would like to introduce you to Volunteer Tracker. Volunteer Tracker makes it easy to approve and manage volunteers. The Volunteer Tracker process will greatly reduce the amount of time to process background checks, notify volunteers and ensure that school volunteer administrators have access to up to date information any time!

Volunteer Tracker’s secure processing system offers easy access for volunteers, teachers or school administrators. Registered users can sign-on from any computer to apply, update information, or manage volunteer activity. The Volunteer Tracker provides online access and a single application that captures all information needed for background checks and for matching volunteers to opportunities.

This new automated system will:

  • Improve communication between volunteers and campus staff

  • Give the volunteer direct access to their account

  • Allow for a faster approval on background checks

  • Capture and track volunteer time, both by activity and by location

  • Ensure that volunteer coordinators have complete and accurate information of the volunteer

Start the process here.

Visit the Volunteer Tracker Support questions and help.

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