FISD Achieve Mentoring Program

The FISD Achieve Mentoring program unites caring and committed adults from across the community to provide student support, inspire future success in school and life, and to elevate students beyond any limitation.

FISD Achieve Mentoring Core Values

  • Achieve results through powerful connections and relationships

  • Build confidence and self-concept

  • Heighten the desire to learn

  • Inspire to obtain goals and dreams

  • Engage and elevate beyond any limitations

  • Provide the vision of experience and clear, positive direction

  • Empower student to learn and be future ready

Achieve mentors are trained to empower at-risk students to develop greater capacity and skill to build and maintain positive relationships, set goals, make responsible decisions and connect within the community. Achieve mentors equip students to be future ready with FISD Character Strength Curriculum, while supporting the development of the whole child. By acting with integrity and empathy, mentors are a consistent and positive relationship source that empowers students to create connections within the school community and access to wraparound support services.

For students who participate in a mentor program, research shows an overall improvement in general welfare in their daily lives with considerable long-term benefits. Benefits of participating in a mentor program include:

  • Decreased office referrals

  • Enhanced self-esteem & self-confidence

  • Increased student achievement

  • Improved relationships & social emotional skills

FISD Achieve Mentor Training

The FISD Achieve Mentoring program is seeking caring and committed adults from across the community to provide student support and inspire success in school and life. Please check this web page in the fall 2024 semester to learn more about upcoming training opportunities and how you can serve as an FISD student mentor during the school year!  


To learn more about the FISD Achieve Mentoring program, and how you can be involved, please contact:



District Student Mentoring Coordinator