Share your expertise with high school students in grades 10-12 who are enrolled in the Frisco ISD Business Incubator Program. The program takes students at five Frisco ISD high schools: Centennial, Emerson, Frisco, Heritage and Lone Star, through the process of turning a business idea into an actual pitch. INCubatoredu will provide curriculum, resources and training to support an already-existing entrepreneurship course offered at all FISD. 

Volunteers are needed for the following roles:

  • Coach - As a Coach, your role is to work with students in their class as you help them learn material you present through lectures and activities. You will choose the lesson that aligns with your area of business expertise, e.g. marketing, finance, sales. A lesson with presentations, student activities, and curated resources will be provided to you. If you wish, you may replace the professional examples used in the lesson with your experiences. However, we ask you to use the lesson’s content. The student teams need to work in a disciplined manner, starting with finding a problem to solve at the beginning of the academic year to investor pitch at the end of the year. Work closely with your teacher to ensure you have access to the materials needed for the days you are in class.

  • Board Of Advisor (aka “Sharks”) - The Board of Directors/Advisors is a group of volunteer business professionals and entrepreneurs who offer strategic direction to student teams. These volunteers will be in the classroom two times in the school year: MVP Pitch and Final Pitch (Academic and Live competition).

  • Mentor - As a mentor, your role is to facilitate learning, which is different than directly teaching. Students will look to you for answers, but what they really need is help learning how to find the answers themselves. In general, mentors will meet with their student teams once a week for at least an hour. The energy and effort will increase before key milestones, such as the Minimum Viable Product Pitch, near the academic year’s mid-point and at the year’s end for Investor Pitch.

  • Community Champion - As a Community Champion, your role is to act as a liaison between the school and business communities. You are essentially the lead volunteer of the INC program at a school. Coaches, mentors, and the Board of Advisors will see you as a source of information regarding the school and the teacher. You will recruit, identify, connect, and train volunteers using the resources provided, or by innovating. Community champions can design and implement unique strategies that engage their school’s business community.

  • Sponsor -  Impact this learning experience through sponsorship opportunities. Sponsorship dollars will be invested into the program and its students in areas such as, but not limited to: MVP (Minimal Viable Product) seed money, classroom and/or program resources, and Final Pitch Night. Learn more about available sponsorship opportunities

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