Many people moving to the Dallas-Fort Worth area do their research and have heard that Frisco ISD schools are committed to providing all students with a quality education. FISD is surrounded by several other wonderful school districts as well.

FISD takes great pride in the fact that our District embraced the small-school philosophy early on. We have been one of the fastest growing school districts in Texas and the United States since the 1990s. In spite of this fast growth, the District attempts to provide neighborhood elementary schools and moderately-sized middle and high schools. That's because when the growth started, the community determined that they desired smaller schools as a means of offering a better learning environment, a better teacher and student relationship, and more opportunities for students to explore their interests in athletics, fine arts and more.

Frisco ISD has been named one of the 100 Best Communities for Young People and the Best Communities for Music Education. The City of Frisco has been named to lists of the best places to live, best places to relocate, best places to raise an athlete and more. The other communities Frisco ISD serves, including McKinney, Plano and Little Elm, have also received similar accolades.

Check our attendance zones to make sure an address is located within Frisco ISD. You can also review documents in the zone downloads section to view zones by street address or subdivision/neighborhood. Apartment complexes are listed under subdivisions as well. If your address or future address falls near the District boundary, you may wish to contact us to verify attendance.

We recommend that families check this site prior to renting or purchasing a home. In Texas, school district boundary lines do not always follow the city’s boundary lines. There are parts of Frisco that are located in Lewisville ISD, Prosper ISD and Little Elm ISD. Likewise, Frisco ISD includes some neighborhoods in Little Elm, McKinney and Plano. This is because the school district lines were drawn about a century ago when the area was rural.

Frisco ISD does not accept out-of-district transfers or fees to enroll out-of-district students. The District does allow employees who live in other districts to enroll their children in FISD.

All parents want the best for their children and this is a common question we receive from parents. Frisco ISD believes all our schools are excellent places for students to learn and grow. The District has spent several years developing our own rigorous academic curriculum. Standards and programming are consistent at facilities throughout FISD and we are committed to hiring the best possible people to work with students on a daily basis.

Things move fast in Frisco ISD and we are adept at change. You can enroll your child in a neighborhood school when you have leased a home or have a contract to buy or build a house, not before. If you rent in an area prior to making a final neighborhood choice, your child can begin school in the campus that serves your rental home and then transfer to their new neighborhood school when your family is ready to buy or build a home. Our District-developed curriculum is aligned to make such transitions easy on the academic level.

Occasionally, enrollment at a neighborhood school will have to be capped for a year if the building exceeds its capacity. Another nearby school will accept new enrolling students until neighborhoods are rezoned or FISD builds a new facility.

In Frisco ISD, schools are assigned based on where a student lives. Attendance zones are reviewed each fall to determine whether modifications are required for the following school year. Changes are often made to effectively utilize space and balance enrollment in existing schools, as well as draw attendance zones for any new schools opening the following year. Policies are in place to make the transition as smooth as possible.

If an elementary or middle school student wants to transfer to a different school, there is an open transfer period each spring and summer. Parents may read the transfer guidelines and petition for a transfer using an online form. Transfers must be approved by the District and petitions are only good for one school year. Due to the diverse and specialized allocation of staffing at high school campuses, building capacities and UIL considerations, all general public high school student transfer requests will be denied.

Frisco ISD is also home to Schools and Programs of Choice, which are open to students across the District through an application process. Read more here about the opportunities available at Bright Academy, Frisco High School and Lebanon Trail High School.

Due to continued rapid growth and the community’s desire to maintain smaller school environments, Frisco ISD opens new schools regularly to meet the needs of students. The District continues to add about 2,000 students annually and that trend is expected to continue for the next several years. 

As a school nears and exceeds capacity, new students are enrolled on a first-come, first-served basis. If school enrollment reaches 100 students over capacity or more, that campus may be closed to new students. Each situation is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. If the decision must be made to close a campus to new enrollment, students enrolling after that time will attend a nearby school instead. Transportation will be provided by FISD until a new school opens in the area to relieve crowding or boundary lines are redrawn to accommodate growth.

Schools within the District have the same general class sizes, the same general curriculum and comparable facilities. Although the philosophies of the instructional leaders may differ slightly, the same programs are provided throughout the District and guarantee a quality education at all campuses.

No, only the parent or legal guardian is able to register a child. The parent's name should be listed on the child's birth certificate or another legal document establishing proof of guardianship.

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