Library Collection Review Project

As part of the District’s strategic change initiative, library staff is engaged in a comprehensive maintenance and review project of all library collections in Frisco ISD. The project is comprised of two main actions: 1) weeding titles, and 2) reviewing titles for compliance.

Weeding Titles

Weeding is a routine function of all libraries. This process involves the regular rotation of titles to best serve the needs of library patrons and includes removing titles with low circulation, replacing titles that include outdated information, and replacing damaged books. While campus librarians implement in this process regularly, this school year, librarians are engaged in an accelerated weeding process to ensure that all campus libraries are up to date and serving the needs of our students.

Compliance Review

In addition to weeding, each campus librarian, with support from central library staff, is reviewing each title remaining in their campus collection to ensure the materials comply with the updated policies and guidelines. This includes a review of the title to ensure it has at least two reviews that indicate the title is appropriate for the age ranges at the campus level. In addition, for titles that are reviewed as appropriate only for a grade level at the older end of a campus population (e.g. a title reviewed for 5th grade and up at an elementary school), campus librarians are individually reviewing titles to ensure the material is age appropriate.

Central library staff are also separately reviewing titles that may contain obscene content or be otherwise inappropriate for campus collections.

Results of Library Review Project

Below is a list of all library materials for which availability was adjusted. Availability is adjusted for a variety of reasons including, being reviewed for an older age group, having insufficient reviews, not being age appropriate based on an individual review of the title, not aligning with our curriculum, or containing obscene content. Library materials that were “weeded” or were not removed from the campus level at which they were originally available, are not included in the list.

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