Strategic Change Initiative

During the 2021-2022 school year, Frisco ISD experienced increased concerns from parents and community members regarding potential inappropriate materials in school libraries. As a result of this increased concern, Frisco ISD began a strategic change initiative regarding curation, review, and management of library resources.

As part of that initiative, the School Board approved the addition of four new positions to the central library staff to increase the capacity of campus librarians and expand library programming. The positions assist in the review and purchase of new library books as well as the ongoing maintenance and review of library collections based on standardized criteria such as age-appropriateness of the subject matter, condition and age of materials.

In June 2022, the School Board adopted a new policy that defines and explicitly prohibits obscene content as well as provides for an expedited review process for books that are alleged to contain obscene content. In Nov. 2022, the policy was revised to provide for a secondary expedited review that can be initiated by either district staff or the individual challenging a book. Additionally, the updated policy creates an application process to facilitate and increase parent representation on book reconsideration committees.

Prior to the 2022-23 school year, Frisco ISD adopted new administrative guidelines to address obscene content in library books and ensure inappropriate materials are not selected in the future. The new guidelines increase the number of required reviews for a book to be purchased and remove an unreliable reviewer from the list of approved reviewers, among other updates.

Currently, library staff are engaged in a comprehensive maintenance and review project of all library collections in Frisco ISD. The project includes “weeding” titles based on objective criteria such as low circulation numbers, age of the title, and condition of the books. In addition, titles that are not weeded are being reviewed by librarians to ensure the title meets the updated policies and guidelines, including the additional required reviews. Learn more about the review project.

School Board Updates

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