Alternative Credit and Computer Science Substitutes

Alternative World Language Credit

Students may be awarded credit for successful completion of World Language courses not offered by the district from an accredited institution within the United States. The World Language course must be taken outside of normal school hours. Students can earn a maximum of two credits for the purpose of meeting graduation requirements for World Language courses not offered in Frisco ISD. All programs seeking to be considered for credit must meet specific criteria and be pre-approved by the District World Language Coordinator. For students graduating in 2020-2023, GPA points will not be awarded for these credits. For students graduating in 2024 and beyond, GPA points will be awarded for these credits.

Computer Science Substitutes for World Language Credit

In 2013 the Texas Legislature provided the graduation requirement option of substituting two credits in computer programming language for two credits of a language other than English (LOTE). The State Board of Education designated specific courses to fulfill this requirement which include the following courses offered to all FISD students:

  • Computer Science 1

  • Computer Science Advanced AP

  • Computer Science Principles AP

  • Computer Science A

  • Computer Science III Advanced

Students may earn a maximum of two World Language/LOTE credits through these designated computer science courses to fulfill graduation requirements. Students should also be advised to be aware of university admission requirements when making the decision to forgo LOTE courses as many universities require foreign language credit. For more information on this please contact FISD World Language Coordinator James Ayres at

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