Spring 2022 STAAR Testing

The State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR®) inform teachers and parents about student proficiency and progress on grade-level knowledge and skills. In spring 2022, results will provide schools, the District and state of Texas with another gauge of the academic impact of COVID-19 and associated recovery efforts. The exams will also identify students in need of required tutoring.

Elementary and Middle School Testing Dates
Grade Level Math Reading Science Social Studies
 3rd grade  May 10  May 11    
 4th grade  May 12  May 13    
 5th grade  May 10  May 11  May 13  
 6th grade*  May 12  May 13    
 7th grade*  May 12  May 13    
 8th grade*  May 10  May 11  May 5  May 6
 *Middle school students taking an EOC course should also reference the calendar below.
STAAR End-of-Course (EOC) Exam Testing Dates
English I English II Algebra Biology US History
 April 5  April 7  May 3  May 4  May 4

Frisco ISD urges parents to ensure their students are present on STAAR testing days. STAAR tests will be administered on make-up days to any students absent on the scheduled testing days. 

HB 4545 Tutoring Requirements

House Bill 4545, passed by state lawmakers in 2021, establishes new requirements for students who do not pass STAAR. The law requires school districts to provide 30 hours of tutoring, or supplemental accelerated instruction, to students in each STAAR-tested subject where they did not perform satisfactorily. By state law, this includes students who do not test since they do not have a passing score. 

Frequently Asked Questions


STAAR Test Reporting

When to Access Your Student’s Results

Scores Timeline
Student Grade Level in the 2021-22 School Year Subjects Date Results are Available from the Spring 2022 STAAR Administration
 3rd grade Reading Math  June 24, 2022
 4th grade Reading
June 24, 2022
 5th grade Reading
June 24, 2022
 6th grade Reading
June 24, 2022
 7th grade Reading
June 24, 2022
 8th grade Reading
Social Studies
Algebra I 
June 24, 2022 & June 16, 2022 (Algebra and Biology)
 9th - 12th Grade Algebra I
English I
English II
U.S. History
June 16, 2022

How to Access Your Student’s Results for All State Assessments (STAAR, STAAR Alt 2, TELPAS, and TELPAS Alt)”

For students in grades 4 and above:

  1. Log on to Home Access Center at hac.friscoisd.org/homeaccess

    • Parents should use their Gateway ID Number (ex. G999999)

    • Students should use their lunch ID

  2. Once logged in, select the “Grades” tab at the top of the screen

  3. Under the “Texas Test Scores” tab, select the appropriate link. You will automatically be logged into the Texas Student Portal and be able to access your student’s STAAR results.

You may also choose to access your results directly from the texasassessment.gov website, but you will need to enter your student’s first name, social security number and date of birth to retrieve his or her unique access code before attempting to log in. See directions here.

For students in Kindergarten-3rd Grade:

  1. Log on to the Texas Student Portal at texasassessment.gov with your student’s unique access code and date of birth. The access code will be emailed to third grade parents.

    • If you do not have the access code, you may look it up by entering your student’s first name, social security number and date of birth. See directions here

Email Support
If you are having difficulty accessing your student’s STAAR results, email isregistration@friscoisd.org. Provide your student’s first and last name, student ID and a detailed message about the problem you are having and someone will contact you. Please allow three business days for a response.

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