Research Request

In order to facilitate the review of research requests in a timely manner, a brief written proposal stating the purpose and scope of the requested study must be submitted following the outlined format in the Frisco ISD Research Request Process.

Please email completed research request proposals to Dr. Gary Nye: and Dr. Braden Hoelzle: for consideration.

Depending on the nature of the request, additional information may be required. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.

Once your research request has been reviewed you will be notified if:

  • Your research request was approved and what the next steps will be.

  • Your research request was denied.

  • Additional information is required.

Please note:

  • Frisco ISD will not be able to participate in all requests. Research requests that involve direct teacher and/or student involvement are only approved on a limited basis to ensure that our students and the learning environment are protected, and that our staff is not overly distracted by outside research.

  • If the research request directly involves an element of campus participation, the campus principal will ultimately choose whether or not his/her campus will participate. The campus principal should not be contacted regarding the research request prior to approval from the central office.

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