Teen Squad

Teen Squad was established to provide social opportunities for like-minded FISD adolescents. The group is formed through recommendation and careful consideration.  Participants are current FISD high school students (ages 14+) with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and/or difficulty navigating their social world.  

This unique program provides a forum for discussions and social interactions, facilitated by professionals who support children on the Autism Spectrum and/or those who have difficulty navigating their social world.

Our goal is to offer a safe environment in which teens feel secure and can form trusting and lasting friendships, while providing guidance and experiences to practice navigating the social world. Emphasis is placed on social protocol, understanding perspective and personal space, development of friendships, participating in groups, respectful conversation, exchanging compliments, appropriate dress standards, and other areas of social behavior.

IMPORTANT: Please note that consistent attendance is necessary for the success of the member and the program. New members will be given an assessment period. During their initial group time, our facilitators will: observe interactions with others in the group to determine dynamic, and consider social abilities to interact appropriately.  

In order to participate in Teen Squad, the student must have the ability to meaningfully participate in group activities, the ability to safely and independently navigate public spaces with a 1:20 student to staff ratio, and a personal desire to practice social skills.  Staff will consult with the student’s

While we strive to make Teen Squad a low-cost program, families will be responsible for the cost of participating in community activities.  Meetings are typically held monthly, from August through May. 

It is our privilege to work with such a special group of teens, and we are grateful for the support you can offer on behalf of this “bonus” program. If you would like to learn more about the Teen Squad program, please reach out to Kimberly Goushey: gousheyk@friscoisd.org.

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