Instructional Practices

In Frisco ISD, we utilize a variety of instructional practices to meet the needs of all learners.  We strive to personalize learning for students based on need and interest. These instructional practices support our foundational beliefs and enable all students to achieve success in college, career, and life.


Integrated Literacy

A multi-genre, integrated approach to literacy instruction focusing on reading and writing, speaking, and thinking skills.

Flexible Grouping

To differentiate as learning needs vary, instruction is provided in flexible groupings: whole-group, small group, diverse group, and partners.

Student Voice and Choice

Empowering a student-centered classroom by allowing students to have agency on their learning.

High-Yield Instructional Practices

Research-based instruction strategies have the greatest impact on student achievement and yield high levels of learning for all students. 


Focusing on skills and practices that develop student autonomy, independence, voice and agency in their learning. 

Gradual Release of Responsibility

To provide students with appropriate instruction - guided, collaborative, and moving students towards independence.  

Feedback and Conferencing

Feedback is key to student learning. Conferences provide opportunities for two types of feedback: student to teacher and teacher to student.  

Student Discourse

Student discourse is vital to language acquisition, student engagement and ultimately student achievement. 

Reading Instruction

We strive to present students with texts that are cognitively challenging in both context and complexity while maintaining alignment to the state standards and district curriculum. Our curriculum provides opportunities for students to engage with a variety of genres and texts and fosters independence by encouraging student choice.

Frisco ISD Secondary English Language Arts and Reading (ELAR) curriculum takes a balanced approach to reading instruction.  In the ELAR classroom, students should be engaged in reading throughout the year, this includes:

Whole Class Reading

Every student reading the same text at the same time.  These texts are called Anchor Texts and are identified in the district curriculum. The purpose of whole class reading is to provide explicit instruction and guided practice in reading strategies and skills.

Literature Circles 

Small groups of students who have chosen to read the same text from a list of approved texts.  These texts are called Literature Circle Texts and are identified in the district curriculum. The purpose of literature circles is to promote in-depth, student-driven discussion about a shared text in a productive, structured way.

Book Clubs

Small groups of students reading the same text of their choice.  These texts are selected by a small group of students collectively and are free choice.  The purpose of book clubs is for students to deepen their understanding of a common text, extend their thinking as they process and interpret the perspectives and opinions of their peers, and co-construct a richer understanding of a text. 

Independent Reading

Individual students reading a text of their choice.  These texts are selected by the students, based on their interests and reading level.  The purpose of independent reading is to provide opportunities for students to apply reading skills and strategies independently and develop a sense of ownership and purpose for reading.

Close Reading

Careful reading of specific aspects of a short, complex text, often multiple times, to obtain a deeper understanding and comprehension. These short texts may be determined by the district curriculum, the teacher, or the student.  The purpose of close reading is for students to be able to independently read and comprehend complex texts and make connections across texts.


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