Frisco ISD First Year Teacher & Mentor Program

Program Objectives

  • Retaining quality teachers;

  • Improving beginning teachers’ skills and performance;

  • Supporting teacher morale, communications, and collegiality;

  • Building a sense of professionalism, positive attitude;

  • Facilitating a seamless transition into the first year of teaching and beyond;

  • Putting theory into practice;

  • Preventing teacher isolation; and

  • Building self-reflection.

Program Design

  • Designed for First Year Teachers (FYTs) with 0 years of teaching experience

  • FYTs are assigned a mentor who will meet with FYTs on a regular basis to offer support and share experience, knowledge, and expertise

  • FYTs have the opportunity to participate in FYT Institute learning sessions during their first 2 years of teaching

  • FYTs have opportunities for collaboration and feedback among FYT program participants, including central office staff, campus principals, instructional coaches, digital learning coaches, mentor teachers, beginning teachers, etc.

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