About Off-Campus PE

The purpose of Frisco ISD Off-Campus Physical Education program is to accommodate secondary students who are making a serious effort to develop higher-level skills allowing them to be involved in a physical education program that provides training exceeding that which is offered in our school district.  Students may apply to receive PE credit at an approved off-campus private or commercially sponsored physical activity program.


  • Semester 1 Applications are now closed. Applications for Semester 2 will open in December. 

NOTICE TO MIDDLE SCHOOL PARENTS: All Middle Schools have implemented a modified block schedule which will impact the release times available for Off Campus PE students. 

There will be no release period on either Wednesday or Thursday in order to protect learning in all scheduled courses. These adjustments will be determined by the class period of the student’s enrollment for Off-Campus PE as shown in the chart below:


Scheduled Classes  OCPE Schedule Impact

Monday, Tuesday, & Friday
Students attend class periods 1-8
(each class approx. 45 min)
OCPE students have a release period 1st or 8th period.

Wednesday Students attend class periods 1, 3, 5, 7
(each class approx. 90 min)
Students enrolled in OCPE 8th period will NOT leave school early on Wednesday.  
Thursday Students attend class periods 2, 4, 6, 8
(each class approx. 90 min)
Students enrolled in OCPE 1st period will be required to be in attendance at the normal start time. No late arrival on Thursday. 

Attention Middle School OCPE Parents: FISD guidelines regarding the scheduling of OCPE require that students remain on campus for all FISD required classes. OCPE will be scheduled ONLY during periods of the school day that do not conflict with required curriculum. At this time there are no approved online substitutions for the core classes or Tech Apps. 

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