All registrations are online only. Participants registered in levels other than their approved level will be subject to removal from the class/es.

  • The FISD Learn-to-Swim Spring Session begins in February and runs through May.

  • All participants must be 4-14 years of age and must first complete a free swim skill evaluation before registering. Contact the front office for swim evaluation information.

  • Participants will only be able to register for approved classes. You may register for the same class level for multiple sessions.

  • After the registration start date, open registration will continue throughout the current season.

  • Registrations for a session in progress will not be accepted after the start of the second class. Please note that your swimmer may only attend the classes for the session in which they are enrolled.

  • Once a class has reached its maximum enrollment, wait lists will be available for registering online. Please refer to the wait list policy under the section labeled “Policies”.

Registration Dates:
 Thursday, January 18
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM Early registration
For returning registrants from previous two seasons
(Summer/Fall 2023)
 Tuesday, January 23 11:30 AM  Open Registration

Swim Skill Evaluations

Swim skill evaluations must be completed for all new participants before registering for the program.
Please update your SportsEngine account prior to the registration with an adult listed as the account holder. Children will be added to the account during registration. Please have your child(ren) wear a swimsuit and bring goggles. 

Swim skill evaluations are valid for one calendar year. After a year of inactivity, a new evaluation will be required for registration.

Swim Skill Evaluation Dates:
Monday, January 22 5-7 PM, Bruce Eubanks Natatorium, 7411 N. First Street
Evaluation Sign-up

Online Class Fees

FISD Employees

  • $115/participant/session

  • Verification of employment is required prior to the start of class. FISD employee discount is limited to immediate family members only.


  • $125/participant/session

Class Schedule

Class Days Times
5:15-6:00 PM
6:15-7:00 PM
5:15-6:00 PM
6:15-7:00 PM
5:15-6:00 PM
6:15-7:00 PM
T/TH 5:15-6:00 PM
6:15-7:00 PM

5:15-6:00 PM
6:15-7:00 PM
T/TH 5:15-6:00 PM
6:15-7:00 PM
5:15-6:00 PM
6:15-7:00 PM
T/TH 5:15-6:00 PM
6:15-7:00 PM
  • Each Session = 4 weeks 

  • Guide for Class Abbreviations 

    • BI = Beginner I

    • BII = Beginner II

    • AB = Advanced Beginner

    • SS = Stroke School

  • All classes to be held at Bruce Eubanks Natatorium, 7411 N. First Street 

Session I

  • M/W: 2/12, 2/14, 2/20 (Tues.), 2/21, 2/26, 2/28, 3/4, 3/6

Session II

  • M/W: 3/18, 3/20, 3/25, 3/27, 4/3, 4/5 (Fri.)*, 4/8, 4/10
    T/TH: 3/19, 3/21, 3/26, 3/28, 4/2, 4/4, 4/9, 4/11

Session III 

  • M/W: 4/15, 4/17, 4/22, 4/24, 4/29, 5/1, 5/6, 5/8
    T/TH: 4/16, 4/18, 4/23, 4/25, 4/30, 5/2, 5/7, 5/9

*If school is held on Mon. 4/1 (bad weather day), we will have lessons that day instead of Fri. 4/5

Skill Levels

AGES 4-14

Children age 4 may enroll in a Beginner I class but must first complete a swim skill evaluation. This is a learn-to-swim program that will focus on the fundamental skills for competitive swimming

Beginner I: Kicking on the front and back, gliding off the walls supported & non-supported, freestyle arm stroke, breathing to the front, jumping from the side into 4– 5 feet of water, and turning over in the water.

Maximum # of students per class: 5

Beginner II: Freestyle, introduction to rotary breathing, backstroke, elementary backstroke kick, and introduction to deep water

Maximum # of students per class: 6

Advanced Beginner: Freestyle w/rotary breathing, backstroke, elementary backstroke, diving, and treading water.

Maximum # of students per class: 7

Stroke School: Freestyle with an introduction to bi-lateral breathing, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, streamlining, and diving. Swimmers will enter this class with the goal of legally swimming 25 yards of at least 3 of the competitive strokes and advancing to the Intro to Iron level.

Maximum # of students per class: 8


Photo Policy

Classes and events are occasionally photographed for promotional purposes. By registering for the program, you have granted us permission to use your photograph for promotional purposes. Names will not be posted.


The Frisco ISD Natatorium accepts all major credit cards for payment.


Participants may be placed on a waitlist when a course has reached its maximum enrollment. There is no charge to be placed on the waitlist. When a cancellation occurs, our staff will contact, in the waitlist order, the participants on the list and offer them the opportunity to register.

Waitlisting for one class does not automatically waitlist a participant for all sessions of the current schedule or the next following season.

Parents & Spectators

Parents and spectators are not allowed on the pool deck area during swim class. We find that children are far more attentive and successful in learning new skills if parents are “out of sight, out of mind.” There is ample spectator seating located upstairs if you wish to observe the classes.

Refund Policy

(printable PDF)

  • In order to allow adequate time for filling the class, all refund requests must be submitted in writing by the Thursday before the class start date at 5 pm. Please visit the front desk of the natatorium for a copy of the refund request form.

  • A $10.00 administration fee will be applied for all refunds.

  • Cash refunds will not be given.

  • Courses canceled by the FISD Natatorium due to low enrollment or other circumstances result in one of the following:

    • The participant may register for another available course, or

    • The participant may request a full refund.

  • Transfers: If space is available, class transfers of the same skill level are granted for those that need another class time. Transfers into a higher level class must be approved by the Aquatic Director. In order to maintain consistency for the participants and teachers, all transfers must be made by the start of the second day of class.

  • There are no make-ups for missed classes.

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