Audit Process

Notification Letter

With a few exceptions, auditees are notified in writing when their area is selected for an audit. The notification letter is sent to the appropriate administrators, faculty, and/or staff of the area being audited. The notification letter states the objectives of the audit and estimated start date. Due to the nature of some audit work, there may be little or no advance notice.

Entrance Conference

An entrance conference is scheduled with the auditee to discuss the purpose and scope of the audit. It is encouraged that the auditees discuss any concerns or questions they may have about the audit at this time.

Audit Work

It will often be necessary for the auditors to be in the auditees area to review records and conduct interviews of appropriate personnel. The interviews are necessary for the auditor to gain an understanding and become familiar with the auditees operations and procedures. Written policies and procedures may also be requested to aid the auditor in understanding the operations.

The duration of the audit will vary depending upon its nature and scope. The level of cooperation received from the auditee has a high level bearing on the duration of the audit. Timely access to personnel and records is important for the prompt and timely completion of audit work.

Communicating Results

The results of the audit are communicated to the auditee via a draft audit report. The purpose of the draft audit report is to present the audit objective, scope, methodology, results, and recommendations of the audit.

Exit Conference

An exit conference is held to discuss the draft audit report and provides an opportunity to resolve any questions or concerns the auditee may have about the audit recommendations and to resolve any other issues before the final audit report is released. After the exit conference, the auditee will be required to provide to the auditors their written management's responses to the audit recommendations to be included in the final audit report.

Final Audit Report

The final audit report will include the audit objective, scope, methodology, results, recommendations, and management's responses. Copies of the final report are distributed to the Frisco ISD Board of Trustees, Superintendent, and applicable administrators, faculty, and/or staff of the audited area.

Follow-up Review

Professional standards require follow-up and reporting on previously reported audit recommendations to determine whether corrective action was taken as planned by the auditee. This is typically approximately six months after the initial review.

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