Get Involved

ISM would not be possible without the gracious support of professionals throughout the community. Please consider getting involved in any or all of the following volunteer opportunities. Click on the title for additional information.

Business Symposium

(Time Commitment - One Day in Early October)
Each year during the annual Business Symposium, community volunteers share college, career and life advice with Frisco ISD juniors and seniors involved in the ISM program. Professionals conduct mock interviews, evaluate student resumes and help students build networking skills.

It’s the beginning of the process for students who will interview community members who work in a chosen career field and then select a mentor to gain real-world experience. Professionals who work in a wide variety of career fields are needed to assist.

If you would like to volunteer, please complete this form. Additionally, a background check is required. Please email Srikrishna Chetty at or Kelly Hemenway at if you have any questions.

Informational Interviews

(Time Commitment - Approximately 30 Minutes)
As part of their research, students are required to conduct multiple informational interviews with professionals in their chosen field of study. Students prepare diligently for these interviews to ensure successful experiences for both students and professionals. During this process, students are conducting primary research and building a network of professionals.

If you would like to volunteer, please complete this form.


Time Commitment - Average of One Hour Per Week Plus Two Evening Events
After conducting several informational interviews with professionals, each ISM student will ask one of the professionals to serve as his/her mentor.

If a Frisco ISD ISM student asks you to serve as his/her mentor and you agree to do so:

  • As a mentor, you will allow the student/mentee to shadow and observe at your place of business.

  • During mentor visits, you will also guide students in their studies and advise them on major projects.

  • Students and mentors work together to schedule mentor visits. Please click here for additional information about being an ISM mentor.

If you would like to volunteer, please complete this form. Additionally, a background check is required. Please email Srikrishna Chetty at or Kelly Hemenway at if you have any questions.

Overview of Mentor Responsibilities

Based on mentor and student feedback, it is recommended that the mentor and student meet an average of one hour per week. (This can be modified based on the mentor and student’s availability.)

I. Research/Topic Knowledge (Emphasis during Fall Semester)

  • Offer guidance/direction concerning industry/topic related information

  • Provide constructive feedback to student analysis of research

  • Recommend other professionals for the student to contact for additional information/interviews

  • Suggest/discuss books, journals, articles, etc. that support the student’s learning

  • Provide suggestions of current trends/issues within the chosen profession

  • Present experiences such as observations, professional meetings, hands-on activities that will enhance the student’s knowledge of your career field

II. PRODUCT (Emphasis during Spring Semester)

  • Provide feedback concerning student created, original work/product concepts

  • Guide student in development of aforementioned original work/product with specific application to their industry

  • Encourage student to produce a professional level product that demonstrates understanding of their selected profession

  • Encourage student to manage time efficiently and complete product development within reasonable industry time limits


  • Attend Research Showcase (January at The Star - Not mandatory)

  • Evaluate the student’s progress (Total of 5, 5-minute online assessments)

  • Evaluate the student’s Research Portfolio (Spring semester)

  • Evaluate the student’s Final Product

  • Attend end of year Final Presentation (May, campus location varies - Student will communicate pertinent details)

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