Online Learning Expectations

In order to maintain the integrity of the Frisco online learning program:

  • All lessons will focus on and meet the academic requirement of the TEKS and FISD Power Standards.

  • Students are expected to complete 100% of the course, including graded submissions, with a 70% or higher in the current year or set timeframe to receive credit.

  • Students will show proof of learning through notes, essays, projects, verbal responses, quizzes, exams, etc.

  • Students should be familiar with Frisco ISD online learning program policies in order to increase their online learning experience.

  • Teachers will uphold high academic standards that emulate that of a regular classroom.

  • Online teachers will apply best practices in the online learning environment. This includes understanding netiquette, being available and responsive to student online inquiries, maintaining proper records, maintaining professionalism, continuing to share expertise with the learner, communicating with all stakeholders and increasing technological aptitude.

  • All prescriptive, pre-tests, tests and cumulative exams will be proctored by a teacher, Paraprofessional or other designated adult staff member as approved by the original teacher of record. Any of these completed without a proctor will be reset.

  • Parents will actively monitor their child’s progress.

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