Facility Rental And Reservations

If you are interested in utilizing a Frisco ISD facility for an event, please first review our Facilities Rental Packet carefully. Familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions, what we can and can’t provide, the use agreement, and costs.

How Renting Works

  • Complete instructions on the Reserving Spaces in Frisco ISD guide.

  • Create an online account in the reservation system.

  • Create or join an organization within the reservation system. 

  • Provide a certificate of insurance for organization approval.

  • Once approved, place an event request.

  • Receive email confirming or denying the request.

Key Points Regarding FISD Rentals

  • Frisco ISD events will be prioritized at all Frisco ISD facilities. Decisions of Frisco ISD staff are final.

  • Only authorized representatives of approved organizations in good standing will be granted access to reserve facilities.

  • Pre-payment is required, though additional invoices may be issued after events.

  • Review payment details prior to placing event requests. Add personnel costs when considering costs of rental. Personnel assignments are the sole decision of Frisco ISD staff - custodial and site supervisor fees will almost always apply. Once an event has been approved, cancellation fees will be charged for cancelled events.

  • Facilities may be reserved no less than 14 and no more than 60 days in advance of the event. If you intend to rent on a continuous/weekly basis, you will need to begin a long-term lease agreement. 

  • Rentals are “space only” rentals and do not include microphones, projectors, PA’s/sound systems, or other equipment, with the exception of auditorium rentals, in which additional fees can be paid for limited equipment and personnel.

  • All rentals are limited to non-school hours. On elementary campuses, spaces are not available until 6:45 due to after-care schedules. Rentals occur Monday-Saturday only except for in the case of long-term lease agreements.

  • All rentals are approved at both the campus and district level. Any campus conflict may cause a reservation request to be denied, even if the space appeared to be available on the online portal.

  • Frisco ISD Employees must utilize the Community Site for any non-ISD organization rentals.

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