Safety and Security Committee

The mission of the Safety and Security Committee is to maintain situational awareness of safety, security and emergency management issues affecting Frisco ISD students, staff, and vistors and to make planning recommendations designed to ensure the continued ability of the District to prepare for, respond to and recover from hazards and threats common to K-12 school systems. 

Committee Purpose 

The purpose of the Safety and Security Committee is to assist with development and implementation of emergency planning recommendations consistent with the district multi hazard emergency operations plan and to ensure accurate reporting of information requested by the Texas School Safety Center.

Committee Chair

Jon Bodie

Committee Membership

The committee is comprised of 30 members from internal and external stakeholder groups, including Frisco ISD executive leadership positions, campus administrators and educators, Board of Trustees personnel, first responder agency personnel and FISD parents.

Committee Commitment

The SSC meets three times annually, once per semester and a third time during a summer month.

Term Limits

Members serve in two-year terms following the legislative cycle. There are no term limits, but members must reapply after each term.

Appointment Timeframe

At the beginning of every odd-numbered school year following the committee application deadline at midnight on August 31. (August/September 2019, 2021, 2023, etc). Individual seats that have been vacated may be filled throughout the year. 

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