The Frisco ISD Emergency Management Department will ensure, through coordination and collaboration with District and Community stakeholders, emergency preparedness measures designed to allow the District to effectively prevent, mitigate against, respond to and recover from incidents and emergencies. Through an all hazards, school-centered emergency management program, Frisco ISD is committed to protecting our students, staff and visitors from hazards and threats common to K-12 school systems located within North Texas.

Our Vision

Our vision is for a unified application of emergency management and continuity of operations principles and best practices. This approach is refined through appropriate hazard and risk assessments, the building of effective emergency operations plans, allocation of necessary resources, and ongoing preparedness trainings to ensure District readiness.

Our Goals

  • To ensure the life safety of Frisco ISD students, staff and visitors;

  • To preserve Frisco ISD property;

  • To facilitate incident stability through provision of Frisco ISD-controlled resources (personnel, supplies, equipment and facilities) as required;

  • To implement actions required to initiate recovery and reconstitution of steady-state educational and business operations following incidents, emergencies, and disasters

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