Dual Credit Grades 

Student grades for dual credit courses will be posted on both the students college transcript and the high school transcript.  The dual credit courses are factored into both the high school weighted and unweighted GPA. 

Student grades for dual credit courses are not posted in HAC during the course.  The final grade is posted after completion of the course. Students are advised to communicate
 directly with their professor regarding the status of their grade in the course.
In order for a student to receive Frisco ISD credit that counts for high school graduation, a student must earn a 70% or above in a dual credit course. Please note, Collin College and the University of North Texas will provide college credit for a grade above a 60%, however, grades below a 70% may not transfer to other universities.

Students who earn below a 70% in a dual credit course will need to make up their high school credit on campus or through the Frisco R.A.I.L. program.

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